The New Cemetery

The new cemetery on Synagogue street on the outskirts of town (not to be confused with the old cemetery on Synagogue street near the center of town)




Line 1-2 ? An honourable, dear and honest man
Line 3 ? Morenu harav Gutman
Line 4 ? b?R? Avraham
Line 5 ? Died on the twelfth day
Line 6 ? [mostly buried, so I cannot tell you the rest of the date with any reliability, but the aleph at the end probably means that the Jewish year ends with a 1. If I were a betting man, I?d say the month is Heshvan.]



Line 1 ? P?N [?here is buried? ? I am not going to write that out every time.]
Line 2 ? Our dear father
Line 3 ? The avrech
Line 4 ? Mr David b?R? Yaakov
Line 5 ? Rolski
Line 6 ? Taken [lit. plucked] in the days of his youth
Line 7 ? 22 Sivan 5664
Line 8 ? In his thirty-fourth year
Line 9 ? TNZB?H [May his/her soul be bound in life ? I am not going to write this out each time]



Curved line ? [I cannot make out any of the words]
Line 2 (inside the curve) ? [looks like mother at the end, but I cannot be sure.]
Line 3 ? First word is ?important ? in feminine. Cannot see the second word
Lines 4-5 ? Liba [can?t see the rest of line 4 or the befginning of line 5 ? which ends with ?died?]
Line 6 ? two possibilities:
On the sixth (or seventh) of Menahem Av
On Friday, 23rd day of Av
Line 7 ? 5654 [or 5656] followed by a word I cannot see, but may be a place name
Line 8 ? short and illegible. Too short to be TNZB?H



Line 1 ? Here
Line 2 ? is the grave of our father
Line 3 ? dear [ie our dear father] David [or morenu harav] Moshe
Line 4 ? Shraga b?R? Yaakov
Lines 5-7 ? I cannot read these lines
Lines 8-10 ? I can?t make these out either, though there seem to be some legible letters. Looks like the fifteenth of the month on line 8.



I can see Yitzhak at the beginning of line 3 (right under the curve) but nothing else. Just some isolated letters.



Line 1 ? P?N
Line 2 ? The beautiful virgin [I have never seen such an expression on a grave!]
Line 3 et al ? I can only see letetrs here and there, nothing coherent.



Line 1 ? P?N
Line 2 ? [Cannot see]
Line 3 ? [can only see Moshe in the center]
Lines 4-6 ? [cannot see]
Line 7 ? TNZB?H



Line 1 ? P?N
Line 2 ? The old man R?
Lines 3-5 ? {can see only scattered letters]
Line 6 ? 5645 TNZB?H



I can see some letters here but nothing meaningful



I can see some letters here but nothing meaningful



(I think this is a second exposure of the previous photo. A bit better, but not much.)



This is not clear enough to see anything.



Other than it?s being a woman, I cannot make out a thing.



Can?t see anything on these either. Not for want of trying!



This is better than some of the others, but the little that I can make out doesn?t seem to make sense in context. So I expect that even what looks abit legible I am not getting right.



Line 1 ? Memorial for a [proud? ? but no one writes that!] soul

Line 2 ? The modest woman Esther, may her soul rest in Eden

Line 3 ? Wife of R? Gedalyahu Horlivitzki [that surname may not be precise]

Line 4 ? bat R? Israel Cohen

Line 5 ? After your wick of life has been been broken [lit. disconnected]

Line 6 ? Your rays of sunlight have been darkened and dimmed

Line 7 ? For sixty-eight years [probably means ?limited to only sixty-eight years?]

Line 8 ? The first day of Rosh Hodesh Tammuz [ie 30 Sivan] 5652

Line 9 ? On the Sabbath, the choicest of days

Line 10 ? The good rest came

Line 11 ? In the shadows of the wings of Him who dwells in Heaven

Line 12 ? [can?t see the beginning but ends with] ? for the end of days [as in Messianic era]
There is probably another line with TNZB?H under ground level.

The Hebrew in this one was very interesting.



Ribbit   (Frog)



Line 1 ? P?N

Line 2 ? Our dear father

Line 3 ? A pure and honest man R?

Line 4 ? Avraham Yitzhak

Line 5 ? b?R? Zeev HaKohen

Line 6 ? Woshinsky [the ?n? is not clear, but nothing else seems to make sense]

Line 7 ? Died 15 Teveth 5650

Line 8 ? TNZB?H



Line 1 ? P?N

Line 2 ? Our mother, the important woman Mrs.

Line 3 ? Pia

Line 4 ? bat R? Yosef Mintz

Line 5 ? Wife of R? [blank space here, don?t know why] Israel Leib

Line 6 ? Bonowitz

Line 7 ? Died on the fifth day of Nisan 5662 [might be 5682, but I think not]

Line 8 ? TNZB?H



Line 1 ? [starts out like P?N, but the left side doesn?t look right]

Line 2 ? Our dear father [plus one word I cannot see on the left ? probably another adjective]

Line 3 ? Morenu verabbeinu Mordecai Leib

Line 4 ? ben David [ I think] Grinb? [can?t see the far left]

Line 5-6 ? I cannot see these letters, but the word on the left on line five looks like a place name, as though he comes from this other place. Maybe Bobruisk or something similar with a P]



I see only scratches here and a few isolated letters



I see some letters, but not clearly and with no context.



Line 1 ? P?N

Line 2 ? A God-fearing man, who put

Line 3 ? nights as days [ie all his time]

Line 4 ? into Torah and service [originally meant Temple service]

Line 5-6 ? [I cannot read this but it MAY say that he was in his eighties]

Line 7 ? The e xtraordinary rabbi

Line 8 ? Morenu harav Pinchas Zelig ben R?

Line 9 ? [this is largely below the line of vegetation, so I cannot read any of it]


Line 1 ? P?N {seems to be a space after that followed by another word I cannot see weel]

Line 2 ? The modest and esteemed woman

Line 3 ? Feige bat R? Arie Leib

Line 4 ? {from here on, I can see some letters, but cannot see enough to make words]


Line 1 (There may be more above, but the mold covers it) ? Meir Dov ben R? Ephraim [maybe Avraham?]

Line 2 ? Blankovski

Line 3 ? {can?t read this line but the last word seems to be ?holiness?}

Line 4 ? The third day of Adar in the year [can?t see the rest ? may be 5690]

Line 5 ? In his sixty-seventh year

Line 6 ? TNZB?H


very blurred. Probably legible with a better photo.



Line 1 ? [Should be P?N but is too long for that. I expect it means something similar.]

Line 2 ? An honest and [can?t read that left side] man

Line 3 [can?t see the first word] our dear father Mr.

Line 4 ? Yaakov Ben R? Pinchas Zelig

Line 5 ? Permanski [the middle letters are less clear than either end]

Line 6 ? Died 12 Iyyar 5684 [maybe 5685]

Line 7 ? TNZB?H



This can probably be made very legible by someone who knows how to enhance contrasts, so there?s no point my struggling to make out a few letters



Line 1 ? Grave monument

Line 2 ? Our dear mother

Line 3 ? The modest and honest woman

Line 4 ? Mrs. Yacha Liba

Line 5 ? bat R? Avraham Moshe

Line 6 ? Osatzki [may be spelled differently in proper Latin letters]

Line 7 ? Died 6 Nisan in the year 5671

Line 8 ? TNZB?H



Line 1 (of what?s left) ? Liba
Line 2 ? bat {something with a ?sh? ? may be Moshe something or R? Shemuel ? but it?s not at all clear]

Line 3 ? Rubiner

Line 4 ? Died 2 [or 20] Second Adar 5687 [I think}

Line 5 ? TNZB?H



Line 1 (there may be another line above) ? Our dear mother [that?s more a gut feeling than something I can really see]

Line 2 ? {can?t read this, but might say ?God-fearing and educated?]

Line 3 ? Liba or Feige [best guesses]

Line 4 ? bat R? Yehudah

Line 5 ? Wife of R? Israel Yitzhak z?l

Line 6 ? [almost certainly surname, but unless contrast can be greatly enhanced, I can?t see it]

Line 7-8 ? Died on the second day of Kislev 5666

Line 9 ? TNZB?H



Line 1 (inside star) ? P?N

Line 2 ? [can?t see the letters in this line]

Line 3 ? The modest woman

Line 4 ? [this is the given name, which I can?t see enough to read]

Line 5 ? bat R? Yehezkel

Line 6 ? Died 5 Teveth 56?

Line 7 ? 1932 [there may have been a fuller date originally]

Line 8 ? TNZB?H [this is on the left. There may have been something on the right]



This would probably be reasonably legible if the phograph were a better quality



Line 1 ? {I cannot see enough of the top line]

Line 2 - [can?t see the first word, but I?d think it?s ?died?] 27 [maybe 26] Iyyar [maybe Adar] 567?

Line 3 ? [there is a date here that seems to be Teveth 5640, which would be long before the first date, so maybe it?s a birth date. Word ?Teveth? added at the end, in addition to it?s being in the line itself.]



Last line has 5669. I can?t see enough else to say.



Last line says second day of Rosh Hodesh Heshvan 568?



Probably legible but the photograph is blurred.



I need some help with the contrast. Probably fairly legible.



Lines 1-2 ? Here is buried a God-fearing man morenu harav

Line 3 ? [may be a given name which seems to be Yaakov something - but may not be a given name at all]

Line 4 ? R? Meir Ben R? David

Can?t make out the rest but it may say that he was a member of the Hevra kadisha.



His name is Zvi Hirsch, but I need contast help to see more.



I can see the TNZB?H in the bottom left corner and next to that is a year which is 56?1. Maybe 5651. Above the TNZB?H is the month which seems to be Second Adar ? maybe the fourth. The grave is a woman, but I cannot see anything more specific.



Here too about all I can see is that it is a woman. The bottom rows are eroded entirely.



Lines 1-2 ? Burial monument of our dear mother

Line 3 ? the modest and esteemed Mrs

Line 4 ? Malka

Line 5 - Bat R? Shemaryahu [I think] died

Line 6 ? the ninth day of the month of

Line 7 ? First Adar of the year 5662

Line 8 ? TNZB?H



Also a woman, but I cannot see anything of significance.



I believe this too is a woman, but cannot see anything further.



This might be partly legible, but the angle throws it all off.



I can barely see that it is right-side up.



This might be partly doable with some professional enhancement



Line 1 ? My son [can?t read the second word}

Line 2 ? [begins with something about ?no children?] and lived

Line 3 ? few days [ie relatively young], the hatan [ie young unmarried man]

Line 4 - Mordecai Shraga, died

Line 5 ? on the first of Tishrei [can?t see the year]

Line 6 ? [should be TNZB?H, but I only see three letters and I can?t make sense of them]






Line 1 ? P?N

Lines 2-4 ? cannot make this out [last wiord on line 3 is ?suddenly?]

Line 5 ? twenty-one years old, [can?t read last word]

Line 6 ? [can?t see the first letters] and was gathered up [ie died] 24 [or 25 or 28] of the month of

Line 7 ? Menahem Av of the year 5663 [or 5643]

Line 8 ? TNZB?H



Professional enhancement might help here. I see ?Zvi? below and to the left of the dark stain.



Line 1 ? P?N

Line 2 ? Our dear father R?

Line 3 ? Meir Zvi

Line 4 ? ben R? Mordecai

Line 5 ? Rosenstein

Line 6 ? Died fifteenth??

All translations on this page have been done by Israel Pikholz

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