$1.2 Million


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$1.2 Million

A CalTrans worker, Mr. Villescas, was driving on the shoulder of the 5 Freeway at a low speed, stopping periodically to pick up debris. The rest of traffic came to a stop, but one vehicle in the left hand lane swerved onto the shoulder, sideswiping the CalTrans vehicle, and jarring Mr. Villescas in his seat. As a result of the crash, Mr. Villescas underwent two surgeries and multiple injections to treat his back.

Defendants disputed the nature and extent of Mr. Villescas’ injuries, based on the fact that he had multiple prior back injuries, and the low impact of this collision. KTL, however, saw the true value of this case and knew that Mr. Villescas’ life had been permanently changed as a result of the collision. KTL was ready to take this case to trial in order to obtain the maximum recovery possible for Mr. Villescas.  On the eve of trial, the case settled for $1,237,000.