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$11 Million

Kramer Trial Lawyers is proud to announce that on August 29, 2022, a Santa Monica jury awarded an eight-figure verdict on an automobile versus pedestrian case.  This verdict was achieved by KTL attorneys Dan Kramer and Teresa Johnson, along with co-counsel Alex Eisner of Shawn Steel Law Firm. 

 On October 31, 2019, Plaintiff was seriously injured when she was hit by a vehicle driven by Robin Haskell. At the time of the collision, the plaintiff was lawfully in a crosswalk. As a result of the crash, the plaintiff suffered multiple fractures throughout her body and has already undergone three surgeries, with her treating physicians estimating up to seven additional surgeries in her future. Due to her injuries, the plaintiff has had to completely change her life around, and is no longer able to do many of the activities she used to enjoy, including her passion, dance.  These losses, as well as her continuing pain, have had a significant emotional and mental impact on the plaintiff.

Throughout litigation and trial, the defense maintained that the crash was 100% the plaintiff’s fault, and that she alone was responsible for her injuries, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, including the testimony of the deputy who responded to the scene and the testimony of an eyewitness. At trial, the defense attorney asked the jury for a full defense verdict. This case presented several issues, including overcoming sympathetic defendants, and getting the jury to understand significant emotional distress damages when the plaintiff looked outwardly normal and healthy.  The jury saw through the defense’s position, and after under 3 hours of deliberation, ultimately awarded $11,000,000 to the plainfiff and finding no comparative negligence. Nearly $10,000,000 of the verdict was comprised solely of non-economic (pain and suffering) damages.  This win represents a huge victory for KTL and Shawn Steel Law Firm, but most importantly for the plaintiff, who was able to have her story told, with justice being served.