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$250 Thousand

When a dentist made an unsafe lane change on the 405 Freeway, he collided with our client’s vehicle, causing it to spin before ultimately coming to a rest near the shoulder. As a result of the crash, our client underwent multiple surgeries, including to his face and neck.  KTL was able to settle first with the dentist’s insurance policy, before turning to our client’s underinsured motorist coverage to recover the balance of his damages.

In cases such as this one, our client’s underinsured motorist coverage was helpful to ensure that he could be properly compensated for his extensive injuries.  Underinsured motorist coverage gets triggered when the underlying policy limits (the at-fault driver’s policy) is less than the underinsured motorist policy limits.  If our client did not have such coverage, he would have been limited in his settlement to only what the other driver’s policy paid.   Ultimately, KTL was able to secure the underinsured motorist policy limits for a total settlement of $250,000.