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$500 Thousand

A moment of lending a helping hand to a neighbor turned into a lifetime of pain for our client, when she fell off of a trashcan and impaled her right arm on her neighbor’s gate.  Our client, at the request of her neighbor, had climbed on top of the trash can in order to unlock her neighbor’s gate by reaching over the gate and flipping the lock.  However, when the neighbor let go of the trash can as our client was on top, the can tipped and rolled so that our client fell forwards onto the gate, where her arm was impaled by the gate’s spikes.

Although the physical injury healed, our client still experienced pain in her arm.  Surgery to release the significant scarring did not help, and ultimately, our client was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (“CRPS”), an extremely painful condition where even the brush of a finger over her arm would cause immediate throbbing pain. This condition is permanent.

Based on the seriousness of our client’s condition,  KTL was able to get the insurance to pay the full homeowner’s policy limit $500,000.