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$2.84 Million

In a case that stretches back nearly six years, Plaintiff Carlos Salazar can finally say he has obtained true justice. On April 17, 2018, after a week-long trial in Torrance, California, the jury came back after only 1.5 hours of deliberation with a verdict of $2,847,500.00 in favor of Plaintiff Carlos Salazar, represented by Kramer Trial Lawyers. The jury found no comparative fault on Plaintiff or his employer.

On December 11, 2012, Plaintiff was at a construction site for his second day of work, when he fell into a trench dug by Defendant Cosco Fire Protection, Inc. Defendant Cannon Constructors was the general contractor on the site in charge of safety. As a result of his fall, Plaintiff broke his ribs on his left side, and suffered a ruptured spleen.  Plaintiff was forced to spend six excruciating months on the couch while his ribs and spleen slowly healed, unable to interact with his family or go to work, something he loved to do.  Although the ribs and the spleen mended, Plaintiff continues to suffer from daily nerve pain in his side, which limits his ability to engage in the activities he enjoys.
This case represents a huge victory for Plaintiff and his counsel, who have had to battle these two large construction companies who refused to accept responsibility for their actions.  Rather, the two defendants have spent the entirety of litigation claiming someone else is at fault. The jury was able to see through the smoke screens, and ultimately found in favor of Plaintiff with an award that represents nearly all general damages- the pain and suffering that Plaintiff endured following his fall, and continues to experience to this day.  This verdict should send a message to the construction community that safety always needs to be the #1 priority on every job site, or else workers such as Mr. Salazar can be seriously hurt or injured.

KTL’s success on this case was celebrated as a top 50 verdict for 2018 and the #2 construction verdict the same year.