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$232 Thousand

Our client was rear-ended in stop and go traffic on Wilshire Boulevard as the front car in a three car low impact collision.  Although the impact was minor, our client suffered injuries to her back that ultimately resulted in spinal surgery.

Throughout litigation, the defense strenuously disputed that the crash had caused any of our client’s injuries.  They pointed to prior medical records showing that our client had treated for back pain leading up to the crash, as well as records post-crash that suggested our client had exaggerated her symptoms. KTL was able to fight through these defenses, however, and at trial a jury awarded $232,000, finding that the driver of the rear vehicle was solely at fault for the crash, and that our client’s injuries were caused by the collision.

Following the verdict, KTL pursued additional recovery through post-trial motions.  Eventually, the judgment came to just under half a million dollars.