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$1 Million

Mr. Arroyo, 88 years old, was eating lunch with his wife at Apollo Char-Burger Grill when he went to search for the restroom.  As Mr. Arroyo stepped through an open and poorly lit doorway and into what he thought was the restroom, he fell down a flight of fourteen stairs that were invisible from the darkened doorway.  Unfortunately, Mr. Arroyo succumbed to his injuries from the fall and sadly died five weeks later.

KTL filed a lawsuit on behalf of Mr. Arroyo’s wife and four adult children against the restaurant and landlord, based on the failure to maintain the restaurant in a safe condition.  Specifically, KTL alleged that the restaurant failed to properly maintain the stairway up to the building code, and failed to warn patrons such as Mr. Arroyo of the staircase’s existence.

During the hard fought litigation, the restaurant agreed to settle for $1,000,000.