What Our Clients Say

I was walking into  a kitchen area when I looked out the window to see my parked pickup truck being crashed into and eventually totaled out. I don’t have any tickets on my record and have never needed to file any sort of insurance claim. After the driver of the car gave an official statement that, he blacked out and doesn’t remember what happened, I then got suspicious. Upon finding out that the driver, as well as, his husband are both attorneys I then assumed they were searching for a loophole to get out of having to pay me or even worse, pin it on me somehow. The moment that thought entered my mind I immediately contacted KTL and informed them what had happened. Dan Kramer became the one to spearhead the situation.

Dan, along with the rest of the KTL team, made me feel at ease with their confident phone calls and swift responses to even the smallest of questions. I was quite nervous as I have never had to deal with an insurance company before. Now that the case has concluded I am thrilled with the outcome. I was most surprised in the fact that even though my case was quite small in comparison to what I know they deal with, they still were very responsive and detailed with any information I wanted to know. Shortly after Dan got involved the other insurance company stopped delaying the case, which makes sense after I read the persuasive emails he had “cc’d” me in. He got me the top dollar value for my truck and even additional funds for loss of vehicle, loss of pickup truck in LA, etc etc. Being thrilled to get back so much more than expected was only superseded by the way I was treated. No question was too small. Any worrisome thoughts were reassured and full compensation was paid.