$2,160,000 Verdict vs. Public Entity

February 8th, 2017

In October, Dan Kramer, Jim Howard, Teresa Johnson and the KHS team fought to enforce safety standards of tiling in bathrooms of a public entity when a jury awarded their client over $2 million on a slip and fall case.
The plaintiff slipped in liquid while entering a bathroom stall in a public facility and sustained serious injuries to her back and hips, requiring two surgeries and ongoing treatment. Plaintiff alleged the tile was unsafe because it failed to meet a minimum of safety standards for non-slip tiles in restrooms. Although the defense tried many tactics to evade liability, including suggesting the plaintiff lied about the fall, should have seen the spill and avoided it, and contending the tiling installed was safe because non slip tile would promote bacteria growth, ultimately the jury chose to believe the plaintiff and placed all liability on defendant, with no contributory negligence on the plaintiff.