Scooter Accident

These days in Los Angeles, electric scooters are seemingly on every street corner.  They provide a quick and cheap means of transportation throughout the city. However, due to their size and build, accidents on scooters are also common. Persons riding scooters have no protection on their body, so a fall off a scooter or a collision with an automobile can lead to serious injuries.  As scooters remain on sidewalks when at rest and waiting for the next rider, they also create tripping hazards for pedestrians. 

Scooters are regulated under the California Vehicle Code, which requires all riders to wear helmets, have a valid driver’s license, operate the scooter solo (as opposed to two persons riding at once), and only ride on the street and not on sidewalks. 

Depending on the situation, you may be able to recover against an at-fault party for your injuries sustained. Potential at-fault parties include: 

  • The driver of a vehicle who hit you while you were riding a scooter;
  • The person riding a scooter who hit you while you were walking; 
  • The city, county or state for failing to maintain roadways or creating other hazards on the roadway while you rode the scooter;
  • The scooter company for defects in the scooter that led to your injuries, such as a manufacturing or design defect. 

If you or someone you know was injured while on a scooter or by a scooter, KTL may be able to help. Our staff and attorneys will analyze and pursue every possible theory of liability in order to maximize your damages.