Bicycle Accident

In the crowded streets of Los Angeles, bicyclists often have to compete for space on the roadway with vehicles that are much bigger and heavier than the bicycle, and thus more dangerous.  This can lead to crashes with serious injuries to, or even the death of, the cyclist.  

Bicyclists are subject to the California Vehicle Code just like automobiles, along with some bicycle specific sections, including one that requires cyclists to remain on the righthand side of the road at all times.  

When a bicyclist and automobile collide, causing injuries to the cyclist, it is important to get an attorney involved who can understand the laws applicable to bicyclists and motorists, and how these can impact and shape your case. 

At KTL, our team has experience handling a myriad of cases involving bicyclists. Each one is unique and requires a thorough understanding of the applicable laws. KTL’s staff and attorneys are ready to discuss your case today.