School Liability

Parents hope and expect that their children will remain safe while at school. Unfortunately, sometimes incidents occur that can result in serious injuries to the child.  If the injury occurred when the school failed in its duty to the children, then you may have a case against the school. Types of school incidents include: 

  • Bullying 
  • Failure to supervise students 
  • Slip or trip and falls on school property
  • Injury on a school bus
  • Food poisoning in the cafeteria 
  • Harassment and misconduct by teachers/staff or other students
  • Discrimination

Depending on the type of school, the entity that is responsible may be a private or public organization.  Cases involving a public school have a different timeline to bring the lawsuit than one involving a private school.  While a private school can be sued directly, a public school is considered part of the state government, and therefore the rules applicable to public entities must be followed. This includes filing a claim with the school district before filing a lawsuit within a certain time period. An attorney will be able to assist in determining the entity type so that the statute of limitations (time within which a case must be brought) is not missed. 

In a case involving the school’s negligence, your child may be able to recover money damages for any medical bills and other economic type damages, as well as pain and suffering damages. KTL is well-versed in cases involving school injuries. Our team understands that a child’s injuries can impact the entire family, and approaches each case with sensitivity. Contact KTL today to discuss your potential case.