Trucking Crashes

Trucking crashes, are, at their core, a type of automobile accident typically caused by one driver’s negligence and resulting in injuries to the other party. Given the size of semi-trucks, however, the damages are usually catastrophic in nature.  It is not uncommon for people injured in trucking crashes to have traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, broken bones, or amputations- physical injuries that can have a lifelong affect. 

Trucking crashes require a knowledge of the policies and procedures a truck driver and his company must follow, as well as an understanding of the mechanics behind tractor-trailer operations.  Oftentimes trucking experts must be consulted to work with the attorneys in breaking down how the collision occurred.  These components often are the key to establishing the liability of the at-fault driver for the crash.  

At KTL, our team has the knowledge to assist you with your trucking case. Alongside top experts in their respective fields, KTL will work tirelessly to build your case and get you the justice you deserve.