Spinal Injury

The spine, which runs all the way from the base of our skulls to our tailbone, is comprised of bones, nerves and other tissues stacked together in a long column. From the spine runs all the nerves from our brain to the rest of the parts of our body.  When a person’s spine takes damage in a car crash, fall, or other trauma, it can affect not only the localized area of the neck or back where the injury occurs, but also the extremities and other body parts and functions. Spinal injuries can affect the vertebrae (bones), the disks (between the vertebrae), or the nerves, and are very painful. Often, spinal injuries require surgeries to repair the damage. 

Sometimes, people have pre-existing issues with their spine, including prior disk herniations or instability, that can make them even more susceptible to injuries.  In these cases, even though the person had prior issues, it may still be possible to establish that this crash, fall, or other trauma caused an exacerbation of the prior condition.  These injuries may still be recoverable under the law.  

KTL has worked on multiple cases that involve all types of spinal injuries. Our team understands the medicine behind spinal injuries and will thoroughly review your medical records to establish the mechanics of how your injury occurred.